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Spine Width Calculator

The spine width for your cover will be automatically calculated based on the  paper you select and the number of pages you upload. To determine in advance what spine width you should use for your cover design, use this spine calculator below.

Width in.   Height  in.
Spine in.

Creating PDF X-1a Files

Adobe Distiller
Adobe Distiller is the best way to create PDF files. Whether you are preparing files in InDesign, Illustrator, or another program on your computer, Distiller can act as a print driver to prepare press ready PDFs. After selecting "Adobe PDF" as your printer, click "Properties". From here, set "Default Settings" to "PDF/X-1a:2001(CMYK)", and uncheck "Rely on System Fonts". Under the "Paper/Quality" tab select "Black & White" for book bodies and "Color" for covers.

Alternative PDF printers
While Distiller is the best PDF printer available, it's also possible to use an alternative program. If you have PDF files made from one of these programs, feel free to submit them. Most PDF files will be successful regardless of origin. The most important consideration when creating a PDF by any method is that all fonts should be embedded.

Working With Previously Created Pdf Files
If you already have PDF files that you've previously printed from it's a good idea to check the files for common flaws before printing. This is done in Adobe Acrobat(not Reader) through a tool called "Preflight" found under "Advanced->Preflight".

Flexible Shipping Options

We offer several shipping options and will work with you to obtain the best possible solution to meet your needs. In most cases DP Digital will complete orders within three to five business days. Our facilities are strategically located in the east and the west allowing us to ship UPS Ground to most domestic locations within two to three business days. Please reference the map below for estimated UPS Ground ship times to your destination.