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Print on Demand

Print on Demand or POD technology is a process in which new copies of books are not printed until an order has been received, allowing users to print a single book at a time.

By utilizing POD technology you do not need to print large quantities of books to take advantage of a low unit cost. Short run digital book printing eliminates large costly runs so you can decrease your stock and lower your overhead.

No Book will ever be out-of-print

State of the art proprietary software allows users to upload as many titles as they wish and print and distribute at a moment's notice. Our POD system eliminates the need to maintain a costly inventory and offers you the ability to print what you want when you want it. Users can completely eliminate storage and maintain a virtual inventory at DP digital.


An added benefit for publishers

Grow your incremental revenue by eliminating backlist, discontinued and out-of-stock titles. POD technology allows you to print titles immediately when you need them. Through our distribution services, our POD facility will help micro, small, and medium sized publishers gain access to major outlets like Amazon and Barnes and Noble databases in addition to independent and Christian retail stores.